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DAY ONE - 17 May 2022

During the first part of this two-day event, we will be opening the conference with industry experts discussing topics including...

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17 May 2022 – DAY ONE

12.00PM -1.00PM (BST)
Registration & networking lunch
1.00PM -1.10PM (BST)
Welcome remarks, Pekka Dare, Vice President, International Compliance Association
1.10PM – 1.50PM (BST)
The Compliance Leadership Challenge
People don't do what you want them to do, despite all of our policies, training and interventions. Compliance is commonly seen as a business inhibitor and a specialism for lawyers and bureaucrats. As the remit of risk and compliance expands into areas such as ethics and environmental sustainability, what does being a modern compliance leader mean? We'll look at some of the challenges we face as Compliance professionals and explore how we can respond to these through effective communication and influence. This talk will give you some tips and hints which will help you to deliver positive organisational behaviours. 
Paul Eccleson, Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultant, Gail Bragg Consulting Ltd
1.55PM –2.50PM (BST)
The Modern Compliance Officer – Specialist or Generalist?
Compliance is evolving. The modern compliance officer must react smartly to dynamic regulatory landscapes, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of compliance activities, put data and technology to clever use, grow trusted relationships, maintain strong lines of communication, develop strong product knowledge, and build positive compliance cultures. 
In this session, a panel will look at the evolving requirements of the modern compliance officer and consider what skills are now required to grow and thrive.
Catherine Vaughan, FICA, Partner, Financial Crime LeaderE&Y
Marta Lia Requeijo, FICA, Head of Financial Crime & MLRO, ClearBank
Natasha Vernier, CEO and Co-founder, Cable
2.50PM-3.20PM (BST)
Networking break
3.20PM- 4.05PM (BST)
Client Accounts and Money Laundering
Client accounts held by law firms have been identified as a key money laundering risk due to the façade of legitimacy they provide to client funds. There is now increasing attention on improving the mechanisms for monitoring these accounts, both by law firms and by the financial institutions that hold the accounts. This presentation will consider the role that client accounts can play in laundering the proceeds of organised crime and corruption and the measures to address their vulnerabilities.
Dr Katie Benson, Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Manchester and Associate Fellow at the RUSI Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies
4.10PM- 4.55PM (BST)
From TCF to ESG – The ever-expanding importance of social purpose in regulation and compliance.
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulation and compliance has become an important and complex topic for organisations to get to grips with. But while the ‘E’ in ESG is receiving ever-increasing attention, organisations must not overlook the ‘S’.
This is a fluid and broad area, incorporating a wide and evolving set of risks that will shape how an organisation thinks and operates and how this affects its customers, clients, suppliers, and wider society. The ‘S’ can influence everything from product design, to supply chain transparency, to labour relations, all of which have an impact upon trust, confidence, inclusion and stakeholder engagement.
This session explores what the ‘S’ in ESG is, what it means, and how companies can establish a core framework that integrates ‘S’ into the heart of business strategies, operating models, and key processes.
Neil GilesCEOTraffik Analysis Hub
Nadia A. Ziani, Director Risk and Compliance, Square Facts (Icover Group)
James Ford, Senior Associate, Mayer Brown
Hope Sherwin, Head of Social Impact, Themis
5.00PM-5.30PM (BST)
KeynoteCompliance: the fairy godmother of customer experience
Regulated businesses and their customers need compliance. It is a necessary process and is generally viewed as a cost burden and an inconvenience. But is it time to rethink compliance as a source of competitive advantage?
Drawing on original research conducted by RegTech Associates, demonstrating the potential of compliance to positively influence the lifetime customer experience, this talk will cover:
4 factors driving urgency to improve the compliance journey How AML compliance can be regarded as the fairy godmother of customer experience Potential gifts from the fairy godmother during 3 chapters of the compliance journey 5 ingredients to unlock KYC program impact
Dr Christine Bailey, CMO, , PassFort, a Moody's Analytics Company
5:30PM (BST)
Networking drinks reception
DAY TWO 18 May 2022

17 May 2022 – DAY TWO

8.00AM - 8.45AM (BST)
Conference Registration
8.50AM-9.00AM (BST)
Welcome from Pekka Dare, Vice President, International Compliance Association
9.00AM – 9.30AM (BST)
Keynote: Tracey McDermott, CBE, Group Head, Conduct, FCC, Standard Chartered Bank
9.35AM-10.35AM (BST)
The cycle of regulation: A shift in thinking
Legislation and regulation have increased exponentially since the establishment of the FATF in 1989 - the Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD), the Anti Money Laundering Authority (AMLA), the Economic Crime Bill, and the Companies House Reform are the latest developments aimed at progressively building on the previous measures put in place. Whilst it makes sense to look to build progressively to achieve Technical Compliance (TC) - can a question mark can be placed on whether this is the right thing to do when it comes to effectiveness? Alternatively, should a bigger focus be placed on the outcomes and how they are being achieved (i.e. changing the behaviours of those who police and enforce the regulatory frameworks)?
In this roundtable discussion, industry leading experts will discuss the current regulatory landscape and consider whether there is a case of overregulation, a need for better or smarter regulation and why more regulation is not necessarily better. Emphasis will also be placed on how regulation can be more effectively enforced through measures such as peer reviews, and by changing behaviours to encourage more focused and more effective outcomes.
James Rickett, Global LEAD, AML, International Compliance Association
Graham Barrow, Director, The Dark Money Files
David LewisManaging Director and Global Head of AML, Kroll
llze Znotiņa, Head of Latvia’s Financial Intelligence Unit, Financial Intelligence Unit, Latvia
10.35AM -11.00AM (BST)
Networking break
11.00AM-12.00PM (BST)
Sanctions – Keeping pace with the global sanctions landscape
With constant updates to the global sanctions landscape - what does an effective sanctions programme look like?
In this session, our expert panel of speakers will discuss the latest trends and developments in global sanctions, the associated risks and the steps required to build and maintain an effective sanctions programme.
Luma Zitani, FICA, Senior Manager, Accenture
Neil Whiley, FICA, Director of Sanctions, UK Finance
Charles Delingpole, Founder and CEO, Comply Advantage
Paige Berges, Counsel, Ropes and Gray
Richard Dunmall, EMEA Head of Sanctions, SMBC Group
12.05PM-12.45PM (BST)
Keynote: Beyond The Lazarus Heist – what the nation state cyber threat means for your organisation
In his forthcoming book, investigative journalist Geoff White details the extraordinary rise to power of The Lazarus Group, a team of skilled hackers working on behalf of the North Korean government.
In this presentation he will detail how, in common with other nation-state level cyber attackers, The Lazarus Group’s members are forging deeper links with the world of organised crime, and what this means for organisations’ risk profile and cyber defence strategy
Geoff White, Author & Investigative journalist, the Lazarus Heist
12.45PM – 1.45PM (BST)
1.45PM-2.20PM (BST)
Weathering the cyber storm 
The lines between the worlds of cybercrime and warfare are blurred at best of times. The reality is, there is a symbiotic relationship between Cyber Criminal OCG’s (Organised Crime Groups) and rogue nation-state cyber threat actors. Attacks on the critical national infrastructure including the health sector are now commonplace. We have almost become desensitised to headlines and many feel their efforts to prevent this activity is futile.
In this keynote presentation, by using real-life case studies, Paul will outline how sharing knowledge, working together are the key drivers in our defence against cyber attacks.
Paul C Dwyer, CEO, Cyber Risk International
2.25PM-3.00PM (BST)
Compliance Tools: Choosing the Right Solutions
Being a compliance practitioner - as with most jobs - requires the appropriate tools, as well as the know-how to use them effectively.
The latest compliance solutions and systems are nothing without the knowledge and expertise of those who select, configure, operate and maintain them. This session considers the merits of a human-centered model, which enhances overall performance and delivery by combining the best of what humans can do with the best of what new technologies can offer.
Our panel of experts will discuss how compliance tools can be used not to replace but to enhance the capabilities of compliance practitioners, enabling them to make smarter, more accurate and more cost-effective decisions, whilst delivering higher outputs.
Jessica Cath, Head of Financial Crime Project Delivery, FINTRAIL
Louie Vargas, Principal Compliance Officer, Sanctions, Controls and Technology, Danske Bank
Brian Halpin, SVP, Customer Transformation Advisory, SS&C Blueprism
Kieran Holland, Head of Technical Solutions, FinScan
3.00PM - 3.30PM (BST)
Networking Break
3.30PM – 4.05PM (BST)
Has RegTech adoption reached its tipping point?
Globally, there are over 1,400 separate products that can help regulated firms and compliance officers meet their regulatory obligations more efficiently and effectively. The use cases for RegTech are many and varied – from fighting financial crime through to horizon scanning for regulatory change. Using data gathered over the last five years, Dr Sian Lewin will share an overview of the RegTech market – its history, the current landscape and views from technology vendors about the future of the industry. For Compliance Officers, selecting which solutions to use can be challenging and there are often some significant barriers in the way. 
This session will provide some insights into these barriers, while highlighting ways in which various actors in the RegTech ecosystem can work together to overcome them.
Dr Sian LewinCo-Founder and Head of Client Delivery, RegTech Associates
Managing the interface with Virtual Assets – How Traditional Finance Firms can lead Finance into the future
As the financial landscape is altered by virtual assets like cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), traditional finance firms such as banks and payment firms must remain vigilant and prepare not only for the emerging risks – including a current lack of guidance or understanding of the regulatory requirements – but also for potential opportunities that blockchain technology presents.
Indeed, proponents of virtual assets argue that traditional finance firms could bring much needed assurance and security to the market, through supporting a variety of cryptocurrency offerings for their (often high net worth) client bases: processing payments; facilitating international cash transactions; providing escrow services; helping customers exchange their money for bitcoins; and even making loans in digital currency.
To avoid being left behind it is vital that traditional finance firms continue to consider ways to embrace virtual assets, such that they can play a significant role in leading finance into the future.
In this session focus will be placed on the risks and opportunities faced by traditional finance firms as they move into the crypto world.
Mark Aruliah, Senior Policy Advisor, EMEA, Elliptic
Charles Kerrigan, Partner, CMS law firm
Erica Stanford, Founder and CEO, Crypto Curry Club